Stephen Williamson

Associate Director of Development/Major Gift Officer

Development(Crp Rel, PG)


+1 630 637 5392

Stephen Williamson has worked mostly in higher education for more than 20 years in admission and development work.  Beyond that Williamson was Executive Director of a historic theatre project and worked for a small company that provided quality interventions for children with dyslexia.  Originally from South Dakota, Williamson was a Division II All-America track athlete in the 400 meters and loves living in Chicago with his daughter Grace who attends the Chicago Academy for Arts.  Williamson is engaged to Carrie Deis and will marry in May.  He loves live music and theatre, the weekend Wall Street Journal, CBS Sunday Morning, Anthony Bourdain, Jerry Garcia, the Boston Red Sox, moe., yoga, live jazz, a well written movie, French food, Dan Brown books, and the idea of circumnavigating the planet without flying.