Stuart Wick




Stuart Wick is a theoretical physicists with interests in phenomenological particle physics typically applied to problems in high-energy astrophysics and cosmology.  He is interested in phenomenological models that are constrained by astrophysical data and may be able to teach us something about fundamental physics.  His research experience includes magnetic monopoles, magnetic monopole search strategies in cosmic rays, big bang cosmology, ultra high-energy cosmic ray propagation, cosmic rays from gamma-ray bursts, dark matter distributions, signal modulation for dark matter searches, and mathematical models of neural networks. 

Stuart Wick has taught across the NCC undergraduate physics curriculum -- from PHY100 (Fundamentals of Physics) and PHY121 (Astronomy) to upper level courses such as PHY441 (Quantum Mechanics), and many of our courses in between.  He has extensive teaching experience before NCC from Northwestern University (teaching in Applied Mathematics), Southern Methodist University, and Lake Forest College.  

Selected Scholarship

"Signatures for a Cosmic Flux of Magnetic Monopoles"

"Solar Wakes of Dark Matter Flows"

"Diurnal and Annual Modulation of Cold Dark Matter Signals"