William Muck

Professor of Political Science; Chair, Department of Political Science; Coordinator of Global Studies

Political Science


+1 630 637 5342


Associate Professor of Political Science, William Muck arrived at North Central in 2008. He received his doctorate in Political Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Muck is currently the chair of the Political Science, Sociology and Anthropology department as well as the coordinator for the College’s Global Studies and Model United Nations programs. He teaches a variety of courses on international politics and American foreign policy. A favorite teacher among North Central students, Muck received the 2010 Dissinger Award for Junior Faculty. His scholarship focuses on U.S. foreign policy, the practice of military interventionism, as well as religious conflict and religious identity formation. He has been active in presenting research at various international studies conferences around the world. On the non-academic front he has recently taken up making his own homemade pasta and reports that people seem to find his pasta much more palatable than his research. 

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Selected Scholarship

Muck, William. “Colonialism/Postcolonialism” In The Routledge Companion to Race and Ethnicity edited by Stephen Maynard Caliendo and Charlton Mcllwain. 2010. 

Muck, William and Philip Barker. “The Secular Roots of Religious Rage: Shaping religious identity in the Middle East.” Politics and Religion (Autumn 2009) pages 177- 195. 

Muck, William. "Creating Social Capital." In Globalization and Its Outcomes, edited by John O'Loughlin, Lynn Staeheli and Ed Greenberg. New York: Guilford Press, 2004. 

Courses Taught

International Relations

American Foreign Policy

International Law

Ethnic and Religious Conflict

Model United Nations

International Organization and Governance

Ethics of War and Peace: The Just War Tradition