Who we are.

BREAKAWAY offers service trips domestically and internationally in an effort to foster educational, cultural, and vocational growth opportunities. BREAKAWAY encourages all students to step out of their comfort zone by immersing in a new culture, unplugging from social media/technology, traveling with students they may not meet otherwise, and serving in a way that stretches their perspective.

What to expect.

BREAKAWAY trips are unique to each location and each individual's experience. Generally, here's what you can expect:

  • To be stretched out of your comfort zone
  • To meet students on campus you may never have associated with
  • To see the world differently
  • To learn deeply about a culture that is different from your own
  • To immerse yourself in a range of approaches to social impact, including direct service, social entrepreneurship, and advocacy and activism

Recent places we've been.

  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Denver, Colorado
  • El Salvador
  • Honduras
  • Jonesville, Virginia
  • Kenya
  • Nicaragua
  • Peru
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Wilmington, North Carolina

Apply for a trip.

BREAKAWAY offers multiple service trips throughout the year ranging from one week to two weeks long. In both domestic and international locations, students get a chance to travel, learn about and participate in social change.


Apply to be a student leader.

BREAKAWAY desires to grow students into leaders by creating opportunities for students to step into a new role. From assisting in coordinating activities and logistics, planning team meetings, communicating with your partnering organization, supporting the team throughout the trip, and leading team debriefs, the student leader helps set the tone for serving.

Each trip needs one or two student leaders - consider applying to take on this exciting opportunity!

Apply to be a staff leader.

For both domestic and international trips, BREAKAWAY requires at least two staff leaders to accompany each team. That means there are a lot of opportunities to get plugged in and join North Central students on a one of a kind experience serving others.

For more information, contact our LEV graduate assistant, Jordan Miller, at or directly apply to lead a trip.

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