Undergraduate students (full time), 2018-2019 Academic Year $ Per term $ Total year
Tuition (8 to 12 credit hours) 12,900 38,700
Freshman orientation fee 250 fall term 250
Transfer orientation fee 150 applied to start term 150
Student activity fee 60 180
Est. room and board (resident, double room) 3,673 11,019
Total 16,633 plus applicable fees 49,899 plus applicable fees

All full-time undergraduate students should plan for book expenses of approximately $1200/year.

Commuting students should plan for additional expenses including off campus housing ($1530 for those living with parents and $8565 for those living on their own), transportation costs of approximately $1470/year and personal expenses of approximately $1182 for those living with parents and $4791/year for living in apartment. etc.