Athletic Band Scholarships

How to Secure an Athletic Band Scholarship

Substantial scholarships (up to $3,000 annually*) are available for student participating in the Cardinal Marching Band and/or the Cardinal Basketball Bands, and the more athletic bands in which a student participates, the more scholarship dollars they receive. In order to qualify for a Cardinal Athletic Band Scholarship, students must:

  1. Have been accepted to North Central College
  2. Set up an audition with Dr. Kelley, Director of Athletic Bands, through the Admissions Office.
  3. Prior to the audition, have two music professionals familiar with you and your musicianship complete the recommendation form (click link). these can be from band directors, private lessons teachers, church music directors, etc.) 
  4. Maintain enrollment and satisfactory attendance and academic performance in the courses (all Cardinal Athletic Bands are courses at North Central College) for which the student is receiving the scholarships.
  5. Adhere to the policies stated in the handbook (click the link for the most recent version)

Athletic Band Audition Requirements:

1. Perform a chromatic scale from your lowest comfortable note to your highest comfortable note

2. Perform the NCC Fight Song and Alma Mater for your instrument (click the links)
*Note- All percussionists will play the snare part for the fight song and the flute part on orchestra bells/glockenspiel for the Alma Mater

3. Complete a short interview with Dr. Kelley after your performance requirements

Once the audition is completed, a scholarship recommendation will be sent to the Office of Financial Aid. When the comprehensive Financial Aid package for the student is complete, a letter will be sent detailing all scholarships offered, including the Cardinal Athletic Band scholarship.

*Scholarship award amount is based on talent level and participation level (students who participate in more athletic bands will be awarded larger scholarships)