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Cardinal Career Launch: Student Highlight

Jordan Nowlin, Class of 2021

Career Launch:

Jordan has accepted a research position at Harvard University studying traumatic brain injury with some of the world’s top scientists in this field.

The North Central College advantage:

“North Central’s neuroscience program offered me opportunities to get involved in research since my first year, write grant proposals and conduct an intensive independent project. Several highly respected researchers have told me that they are very impressed with what I’ve been able to accomplish at North Central. I’m planning to work in a laboratory at Harvard University for one to two years before attending a MD-PhD program to become a physician scientist.

It is clear to me that North Central students are given much more responsibility and higher quality mentorship, and are therefore better-prepared for future research positions.”

Jordan Nowlin

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Cardinal Career Launch

At North Central College, our students find that the preparation they do both in and out of the classroom doesn't just help them reach graduation. It launches their careers, whether they’re searching for employment or looking for top-tier graduate programs to continue pursuing their passion and goals. Every Cardinal has their own distinct path and their own story, so we've highlighted a few of them here. Read on to find out more about how these Cardinal Careers launched and let us know how we can help you discover your passion at North Central.

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