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Financial Aid Assistance

Scholarship and Financial Aid Opportunities

Learn about different scholarships you might qualify for as well as other financial aid options you could consider.

First Generation Students

Being the first member of your family to attend college is a big accomplishment and an exciting challenge. You will be traveling uncharted territory and will probably want some guidance. At North Central College we work together with first-generation students on their journey toward Commencement. We take pride in seeing you succeed. That’s why we offer Cardinal First.

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Tuition Payment Plan

North Central College is proud to offer a convenient budget plan for 2019-2020 with a third-party vendor, Official Payments.  Note, the 2020-21 payment plans will become available by July 2020. We can provide you with sensible strategies for covering the costs of college. This is not a loan program. You have no debt and there is no credit check.

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Financial Aid

A degree from North Central College is an investment with lifelong returns. It’s a commitment to your career, a decision to study the world around you and an opportunity to make friends for life. North Central partners with you and your family to maximize affordability through a number of financial assistance options. We’re dedicated to making sure cost is never a barrier to a comprehensive liberal arts education.

Financial Aid