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Cardinal Career Launch: Student Highlight

Yaritza Rodriguez, Class of 2021

Career Launch:

Yaritza Rodriguez ’21 had a job offer in hand from Lockport (Ill.) High School to teach English—weeks before graduation.

The North Central College advantage:

A first-generation student, Yaritza needed help adjusting to college and preparing for her career. So, she took advantage of opportunities provided by Cardinal First and Teach First, which supplies mentoring, workshops, financial resources and networking events. Participants in Teach First create an individualized learning plan that includes realistic academic, personal and professional goals.

“My mentors at North Central College were a rock for me, they were persistent in checking up on me. They kept telling me if I put in the work, things will always get better. I gained so much support from Cardinal First, Teach First and my professors. They helped me prepare for my job interviews—and my future career. They were empathetic, understanding and patient, and helped me with my ‘imposter syndrome.’ Two of my professors knew I’d been in car accident and they got me an Uber gift card to get to my school placement. Things like that helped me succeed in education at North Central College.”

Yaritza Rodriguez

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Cardinal Career Launch

At North Central College, our students find that the preparation they do both in and out of the classroom doesn't just help them reach graduation. It launches their careers, whether they’re searching for employment or looking for top-tier graduate programs to continue pursuing their passion and goals. Every Cardinal has their own distinct path and their own story, so we've highlighted a few of them here. Read on to find out more about how these Cardinal Careers launched and let us know how we can help you discover your passion at North Central.

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