Global Perspectives Program

What is the Global Perspectives Program?

The Global Perspectives Program, described below, offers students a coherent and multi-faceted way to bring international dimensions to their undergraduate degree without necessarily majoring or minoring in an already internationalized field such as global studies, international business, or foreign language study. The program gives students the opportunity to integrate many of their curricular choices, to place their chosen major in a global context, and to receive special recognition on their transcripts.

Applications for admission into the program are available in the Center for Global Education and below and must be submitted by the beginning of the applicant’s junior year.  Students must have a 3.0 GPA to be admitted and must maintain at least that average in order to complete the program. Requirements must be fulfilled in the following six areas:

(1)   Courses (13 credits) 

Required: SPC 317, Intercultural Communication

Three of: ART 264; EAS 292; ECN 324 or 340; ENG 307, 340, 370, 380, or 390; FIN 385; FRN 330, 331, or 338; GER 320; GLS 365; GWS 350 or 390; HPE 360; HST 154, 155, 165, 175, 185, 249, 251, 263, 265, 267, 271, 330, 345, 363, 370, 385, or 392; LEV 240 or 350; BUS 482 or 488; MUS 156; PHL 300; PSC 221, 320, 321, 322, or 333; PSY 310; REL 255, 260, 265, 270, 280, 315; SPN 331 or 333; SCI 345; SOA 421; THE 363; or any ACR-Intercultural course offered on campus.

Capstone Seminar (GLS 490, 1.00 credit):

Enrollment in GLS 490 in the student’s senior year. The final portfolio is completed in the course, documenting all requirements. Students also produce an interdisciplinary project that explores significant international dimensions of their major.

(2)   Foreign Language  

18 credits of academic study in a language other than the student’s native language.

(3)   Study Abroad

Completion of any study abroad program for a minimum of 10 weeks, approved by the Center for Global Education.

(4)   International/Intercultural Internship

Fifty (50) hours (minimum) of a domestic internship in an organization engaged in international or intercultural work to be completed before or after the study abroad program.

(5)   Campus International Programming

Participation in eight (8) campus international events: students must be key organizers for at least two events and attend a minimum of six more.

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