Interdisciplinary Programs

Do you have wide‐ranging interests? Do you want to explore topics and studies that cross disciplines?
Do you want to be ready for a career that requires integrative thinking and creative problem solving?

At North Central College, you can explore, study, and conduct research about topics that draw upon the methods and ideas of a variety of departments and programs. You also can find an interdisciplinary major that prepares you for an emerging field of research or practice.

Interdisciplinary courses, minors, majors, learning communities, clusters of courses or an individualized major developed under the supervision of a faculty sponsor—will allow you to customize your education as you prepare for a career or graduate education.

Departments and Programs

“North Central College has a long history of connected learning. Graduates today, however, more than ever before, need intellectual flexibility to address the challenges that will arise over the course of their careers. They will need to develop skills as nimble thinkers and creative problem solvers who will often work in teams to address complex professional and societal problems. Not all schools have a climate of faculty interaction that will help you to forge these connections in individual courses, double majors or minors. It’s important you have the tools to enter a world in which communication across specializations and the ability to make a decision on the basis of multiple perspectives play a growing role in the workplace and in advanced study.

In addition to these opportunities threaded through the curriculum, North Central has designed a select number of interdisciplinary majors and minors and graduate programs (see School of Graduate and Professional Studies page) that build upon the combined expertise of program faculty from a variety of departments (see list above) and offer opportunities to connect classroom knowledge with applied learning.”

Fran Navakas, Svend and Elizabeth Bramsen Professor in the Humanities Emerita