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Classical Studies

Why choose classical studies at North Central College?

Classical studies is the interdisciplinary field that explores all aspects of ancient Greece and Rome, including history (from 1200 B.C.E.-400 C.E.), culture and their influence into the present. The program includes courses in languages (ancient Greek and Latin), mythology, history, ancient art, theater, religion, philosophy, and gender and sexuality. Minors in classical studies build skills in close reading, research, and analysis of texts and objects that are applicable to a wide range of occupations. Classics major and minor degree holders have gone on to pursue careers in teaching, library science, marketing and computer programming.

You can also:

  • Study abroad in Greece and/or Italy
  • Present original research at the Rall Symposium
  • Combine a minor in classical studies with coursework or a degree in related disciplines, including anthropology, art, archaeology, history, philosophy, religious studies, and theater, as well as the Shimer Great Books School
  • Read classical literature in its original languages, including works of Homer, Plato, Julius Caesar, Virgil and the Greek New Testament
  • Explore Greek and Roman politics and classical culture through innovative game-based courses
  • Enjoy convivia (good food and conversation) with students and professors at classical studies events

Classical Studies Minor

Classical Studies is an interdisciplinary program that explores all aspects of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds. It offers language courses in ancient Greek and Latin as well as courses in cultural studies. Students pursuing the minor also draw on coursework in History, Art History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Theater, and Great Books. The minor is a useful complement to studies in any of these fields. It is especially recommended to students who plan to pursue graduate studies requiring knowledge of ancient Greek or Latin (such as programs in ancient history, classical archaeology, medieval studies, and many seminaries). Minors in Classical Studies build skills in close reading, research, and analysis of texts and objects that are applicable to wide range of occupations and careers.

For additional information and courses in this program, see Classical Studies.

A minimum of 24 credit hours, including:


Eight credit hours, with at least four credit hours at the 102-level or above, from the following:


One of the following:

One of the following:

Eight credit hours from the following:

Choose courses that were not already taken as part of the minor requirements above. A maximum of four credit hours may be taken from Greek/Latin.

Classical Studies Careers and Future Options

Internships & Careers

Recent graduates with minors in classical studies have gone on to:

  • Field Museum of Natural History
  • Software developer, First Trust
  • General manager, Miskatonic Brewing Company

Graduate Schools

Recent graduates with minors in classical studies have been accepted to graduate programs at:

  • University of Chicago, liberal arts
  • University of Illinois, romance languages
  • University of Indiana, religious studies
  • Dominican University, library science
  • Lewis University, education

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