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Taking your education abroad can be a transforming experience. At North Central College, we encourage you to experience life in a culture beyond our national boundaries. The Center for Global Education offers approximately 36 programs around the world, for all majors, minors, budgets and comfort zones. You will be carefully advised by our Education Abroad advisors in the process of choosing the program abroad that is best for you.

Group Programs

Explore Our Programs

North Central offers approximately 36 education abroad programs in 21 different countries on six continents. Start exploring our programs by country or organize your search by identifying programs that allow you to do an internship, volunteer, research, play a sport or instrument, or teach abroad.


Programs Abroad by Major

It is possible to study abroad with any major and minor at North Central. Here, you will see recommendations on programs based on your major or minor. If you don't see your major or minor here, don't worry! Simply meet with an Education Abroad advisor to explore your options.

Education Abroad Fair

and Annual "Go Away!" Day

Each October, the Center for Global Education holds an Education Abroad Fair that is open to all North Central College students, faculty and staff. Each booth features representatives from all 36 of our semester programs abroad where attendees can learn, first-hand, what North Central students experience as a student, living and learning, overseas. Our fair also features a selection of that year's May Term courses abroad, where attendees can speak with the professor(s) leading these short-term courses.

Education Abroad Fair
Getting Started

Getting Started

Learn the step-by-step process to take your education international.


Accepted Students

Accepted Students

Academics abroad, physical and mental health, insurance, and securing housing when you return to campus

Returning Students

Returning Students

Evaluation Meetings, Welcome Back Dinner, Re-Entry conference, photo and video contests, and Ambassador program

Parents & Families

Parents & Families

Benefits of studying abroad, communicating with your son/daughter while they are overseas, culture and reverse culture shock

Cardinal Destination Courses Abroad (May Term)

Explore both traditional and modern Japan, engage in the local coffee culture of Guatemala, visit castles and cathedrals in Germany, hike on the Galapagos islands, probe the history of France, investigate theater and culture in England and Ireland, learn about the European Union in Greece and France, explore China’s Great Wall, write your way through Ireland, and immerse yourself in the natural landscapes of Spain. 

Study Abroad

Learn, Travel, Experience

Each spring, North Central College offers a number of Cardinal Destination Courses Abroad (CDCA) during May Term. Each short-term international travel course is led by a North Central College faculty and staff member and students travel as a group. Each May Term course abroad includes linked prerequisite work completed in the spring semester before departure.

Berlin Trip

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The Center for Global Education provides services to both international students studying at North Central College and North Central students studying abroad.

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