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Center for Global Education

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The Center for Global Education provides services to both international students studying at North Central College and North Central students studying abroad.


Mission Statement

North Central College has made a firm commitment to ensuring that students, faculty, staff, and the Naperville community develop knowledge and appreciation of cultural differences in both domestic and international settings. For students, an education at this institution includes a global dimension gained through proficiency-based language learning, course work, internships, person-to-person contacts, study abroad, and travel.

The Center for Global Education provides vision and guidance for developing and implementing international programs both on and off campus.


Global Dimensions

Learn more about "Global Dimensions," a newsletter published every term by the Center for Global Education.

Global Perspectives Program

Enrich your undergraduate degree with an international dimension by joining the Global Perspectives Program.

International Festival

Attend the annual International Festival at North Central College. Celebrate Naperville's cultural diversity with students, faculty, and community members.

Faculty Opportunities

As a faculty member, there are many opportunities to be involved with the Center for Global Education!

Annual International Focus

Each year, the College turns its attention to one culture, theme, or region of the world, encouraging students to take courses and participate in activities related to that focus. For 2018-2019, Sustaining the Globe will continue to be the focus of this collaboration.

Meet the Staff

Meet the staff who make the Center for Global Education a welcoming place for everyone on campus.

International Programs Committee

The International Programs Committee unites faculty, staff, and students to assist in the administration of international programs