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Why choose animation at North Central College?

Art makes your imagination soar! In animation, you have the opportunity to explore technical media in a creative way. Animators create special effects and other animations for everything from advertisements to video games to marketing campaigns. Demand for live content makes animation a dynamic opportunity to grow your personal artistic skills and become an asset to prospective employers.Our facilities are outfitted with labs for animating, computer graphics and digital art.

At North Central, you’ll find your creative voice as a professional artist and have opportunities to share your work and gain feedback. Future opportunities are in exciting industries such as motion picture, computer systems design, web design, app development and artistic direction.


  • Bringing your ideas to life
  • Working with motion graphics, visual effects and video editing
  • Building computer and technology skills with artistic ability

then a minor in ANIMATION might be for you.

Why study animation at North Central College?

In the Classroom

Coursework topics:

  • 3D Computer Graphics
  • Animation I: Methods and Story
  • Animation II: Sequential Art
  • Digital Arts and Design
  • Figure Drawing
  • Motion Graphics

Beyond the Classroom

As an animation minor, you can:

  • Join Design Agency, a practicum course that provides a creative environment similar to a design studio to develop client-based independent art and design projects.
  • Couple this minor with graphic design, studio art, marketing, interactive media studies or computer science.
  • Participate in the annual Art & Design Show.
  • Attend the Art Institute of Chicago free of charge with North Central student ID card.

Animation Minor

Animation minors plan and execute computer-based animations. Students are introduced to a variety of digital animation techniques and fundamental sketching skills. Students also learn about creating and developing characters for these mediums, developing stories, and managing a concept from creation to post-production. The minor complements majors such as film studies, studio art, computer science, interactive media studies and broadcast communication.

For additional programs and courses in this department, see Art and Design.

A minimum of 20 credit hours, including:

  • ARTD 140 - Digital Art and Design

    ARTD 140 - Digital Art and Design

    4.00 credit hours

    An introduction to digital imaging, computer graphics and graphic design to communicate messages using digital visuals. Emphasizes hands-on computer experience with digital image manipulation techniques, drawing and editing tools that allow students to create computer based graphic arts, design and page layout.

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  • ARTD 225 - Figure Drawing

    ARTD 225 - Figure Drawing

    4.00 credit hours

    Working directly from a live nude model, students study the expressive and conceptual possibilities of the human figure.

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  • ARTD 280 - Animation I: Methods and Story

    ARTD 280 - Animation I: Methods and Story

    4.00 credit hours

    The theory and practice of 2D computer animation, character and story development, the Twelve Principles of animation, including secondary animation, key-framing and anticipation. Topics include character development, narrative creation, time-line based editing, stop frame animation and an introduction to animation programming.

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  • ARTD 380 - Animation II: Sequential Art

    ARTD 380 - Animation II: Sequential Art

    4.00 credit hours

    An exploration of 2D digital graphics and animation with a focus on producing portfolio quality projects. Efficient workflow techniques, narrative arcs and team dynamics are examined. Topics include storyboard script production, audio-animation optimization and compositing across programs.

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One of the following:

  • ARTD 340 - Motion Graphics

    ARTD 340 - Motion Graphics

    4.00 credit hours

    Design of graphics for screen-based animation using image, graphic and typographic elements. Attention given to content development through an examination of motion design processes, software techniques and contemporary motion graphics.

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  • ARTD 382 - Animation III: 3D Computer Graphics

    ARTD 382 - Animation III: 3D Computer Graphics

    4.00 credit hours

    Introduction to the creation three-dimensional (3D) animation and computer graphics. Emphasis on the production of 3D animation as final digital and/or printed output using modeling, rendering and animation software.

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Animation Careers

Multimedia artists and animators work primarily in the following industries:

  • Motion picture and video industries
  • Computer systems design and related services
  • Software publishers
  • Advertising, public relations, and related services
  • Specialized design services
  • Web design firms
  • Graphic design firms
  • Mobile technology companies
  • App development
  • Artistic direction

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