International Programs Committee

The College offers several study abroad and domestic intercultural programs, serving both students and faculty members, which are coordinated by the Director of the Center for Global Education, who is appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. In addition, the Center for Global Education is closely involved with the recruitment of international students, and is a primary source of academic support for those who attend the College. In the administration, coordination, and planning for these programs, the Director often will consult with the Director of the Leadership, Ethics and Values Program, the Associate Dean for Integrative Programs, the Office of Multicultural Affairs, the Cultural Events Committee, as well as the International Programs Committee, a committee instituted by the Faculty to assist in the administration of international programs.

  1. International Programs Committee.
    1. Membership. The Committee shall include nine members: the Director of the Center for Global Education shall serve as chair; the International Student Advisor/Study Abroad Director; five faculty members, appointed for two-year terms by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, to include, one representing Global Studies, one from the Modern and Classical Languages Department, one chosen from those who have previously served as a faculty participant in an NCC fall study abroad program, and two faculty members chosen to represent a division not yet represented; and two students appointed by the Director of the Center for Global Education in consultation with the Committee. The students shall be appointed from among those in two of the following groups: international students, study abroad returnees, or Global Studies majors.
    2. Responsibilities. The Committee assists the Director of the Center for Global Education in identifying, developing, coordinating, overseeing, and evaluating the internationalization of the campus and the College's off-campus academic programs, both study abroad and domestic intercultural programs. The committee also reviews matters related to the general welfare of international students; assists in locating and applying for grants to support international curricular and co-curricular programs; works to strengthen all aspects of faculty development related to international education; reviews and evaluates all co-curricular international programming; and helps to identify and promote international education and related activities by establishing working relationships with other academic institutions and external agencies.

    For more information, please contact Dr. Jack Shindler, Director of the Center for Global Education at