North Central’s faith-based programs profoundly impact the lives of our students and serve to connect people with their faith journey. Alumni attest that their involvement in the College’s faith-based programs were important during their years on campus and long after they graduated. The Chaplaincy and Office of Faith in Action are designed to reach ALL students and members of the campus community, regardless of their faith tradition.

College Chaplains Have Life-long Impact

“While I valued the classroom education at North Central College, it was the chaplains – George St. Angelo ’41 and Larry Bouldin – who helped put what I learned into a larger worldview.” -Don Schultz ’69  

The position of campus chaplain was first created in 1955 when President Harvey Geiger appointed the Rev. George St. Angelo ’41 to the role. He was responsible for the leadership of campus religious activities and had an extraordinary vision for campus ministry. St. Angelo developed the Campus Church Community; European travel opportunities; convocation programs with speakers such as the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., James Farmer and Henry Kissinger; a student trip to Selma, Alabama to support voting rights; and service opportunities in Chicago.

Pictures of North Central College chaplains.

Chaplaincy, Faith & Action Serve Entire Community

North Central Chaplains’ ministries have encompassed worship, study, pastoral counseling, spiritual development and being a prophetic voice. Each chaplain addressed these responsibilities according to their strengths, ministering in ways that were consistent with their own gifts and graces.

North Central students march in an MLK parade in 2003.

Sustaining A Tradition of Ministry

In these changing times, it is important that we provide sustaining funding to support the witness of the Chaplaincy and Faith in Action programs. We are happy to announce that the College has created two endowments to ensure that these vitally important aspects of student life remain viable to future generations of students, faculty, staff and friends.  

Our goal is to raise a minimum of $2 million for the Chaplaincy Endowment. The goal for the Faith & Action programs is a minimum of $1 million. If you would like to be a part of ensuring these programs for future student generations, please visit our giving page.

North Central College students packing meals at a Feed the Need event.