Character Development

We believe that great leadership starts with great leaders. The work we do on bettering ourselves, better equips us to make the world a better place. By starting from a place of deeply knowing ourselves as individuals, we are able to better examine the impact we create and the ways in which our skills, interests, and passions can be utilized to best support these goals.

Character Education Certificate

Marvin W. Berkowitz, in his book PRIMED for Character Education states, "Character education is how we be with others and then what we do as a consequence, in order to nurture the flourishing of their human goodness. Our inner character informs our outward living, and our outward living both represents and reciprocally transforms our inner being."  

Designed to be responsive to trends in today's world, the Character Education Certificate will provide an additional credential that will give teachers and leaders a competitive edge in their career.  

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Certified Strengths Coaching

The LEV program offers Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaching through our courses and our non-credit workshops. The Clifton-Strengths Assessment was made to highlight natural skills, mindsets, and abilities by measuring reoccurring patterns of thought, feelings, and behavior.

Through the domains, Relationship Building, Executing, Strategic Thinking, and Influencing, we are able to help students identify and develop their unique strengths, which leads to students feeling better equipped to build upon their natural talents to be more impactful and socially aware leaders. Strengths training is offered in our courses, for our student org leadership teams, our upcoming Emerging Leaders program, workshops, and one-on-one coaching for leaders who are ready to dive into the world of leadership development through Clifton Strengths.

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