North Central Engineering Laboratories

HARTING Electronics Laboratory

The HARTING Electronics Laboratory is where both engineers and physics students are introduced to electronics and learn about basic circuit theory, component characteristics and how to operate electronics test equipment. 

Harting Lab

Molex Advanced Electronics Lab

The Molex Advanced Electronics Lab is a space for electrical engineers to design circuits intended to deliver large amounts of power to motors and other processing equipment. Utilize motor performance cells to monitor performance, identify problems and prevent premature failures. 

students in molex lab

OMRON Design & Automation Laboratory

The OMRON Design & Automation Laboratory is intended to spark interest and activate student imagination. Learn the techniques needed to design and develop high quality prototypes, make parts on 3D printers, or learn about industrial control through utilizing the lab's robotic work cells and miniature automated production lines. 

professor and student working with 3D printers

Computing Applications Lab

The Computing Applications Lab hosts hands-on learning in software and hardware development using state-of-the-art computers, digital electronics and peripherals. This lab also serves to encourage and facilitate the use of computing technology and create innovative applications.

student and professor computer lab

Manufacturing Processes Laboratory

The Manufacturing Processes Laboratory provides hands-on learning in a real manufacturing environment. The lab also supports faculty and sponsored research, independent projects and a wide range of students extracurricular activities. 

Manufacturing Processes Lab

Metrology Laboratory

The Metrology Laboratory is where students learn to make industrial measurements, evaluate material properties and perform accelerated life and stress testing. Gain additional experience diagnosing failure modes by microscopic examination and broken components. 

Metrology Lab

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engineering students