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The 21st Century Engineer

There is a call for engineers - and leaders in all fields - who are trained in more than just the technical. Their knowledge and skills are connected to their understanding of humanity, from the audiences they serve to the world in which they live. 

Connecting your skills to the needs of the world

Solve societal issues

At North Central, we are equipping engineers who are in touch with the societal issues they wish to solve, and the people who need their solutions. 

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Build smarter, more sustainable solutions

Beyond a foundation built upon the liberal arts, our engineering programs focus on three invaluable social themes: access, quality of life and sustainability. These themes arise in every course as you strive to build smarter, more sustainable solutions. The culminate your senior year in the form of independent projects. 

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Become a versatile engineer

Choose from North Central College's three engineering programs - computer, electrical, or mechanical - or our dual-degree program. No matter which path you pursue, at North Central you will become a versatile engineer, equipped to serve the needs of the world and prepared to adapt to new challenges throughout your career and life. 

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Degree Paths

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Computer Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

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Electrical Engineering

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Dual-Degree in Engineering

North Central College-Illinois Tech Partnership

North Central College and the Illinois Institute of Technology have announced a partnership that provides a seamless and accelerated pathway for North Central undergraduate students seeking admission into graduate master’s degree programs at Illinois Tech’s Armour College of Engineering. 

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Everything Engineering at North Central College

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Explore our Engineering Blog

Interested in engineering? Check out our blog where you'll find posts about what skills are needed to become an engineering leader, what programs North Central is offering and much more. Many years of hard work have made the new engineering programs at this liberal arts college a reality. Find out more from various faculty and student members. 

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