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Alumni Testimonials

Alumni Stories 

Read some of our alumni's stories and learn more about their experiences at the English Language Institute and North Central College.

Karen Contreras from Guanajuato, Mexico

Human Resource Management and Philosophy Major

After studying in the English Language Institute Karen stated that “All the classes that I took in the ELI had very few students, so that helped me to focus on improving my English skills such as writing, speaking, and listening. As well, the small classes allowed my teachers to challenge me and be aware of my process as a student.”

Karen Contreras

Xinyuan Liu from Beijing, China

Computer Science Major

After studying in the English Language Institute Xinyuan stated that “My favorite part about the English Language Institute was reading an English novel in Reading class and doing an interview in speaking class.” Also, “The small class experiences let us interact more with the instructors.”

Xinyuan Liu

Facundo Groshaus from Buenos Aires, Argentina

International Business and Chinese Major

Facundo studied abroad in China-Japan and is part of the North Central College's Soccer Team. After studying at ELI, Facundo stated that, “ My favorite part about it is the diversity, the experienced professors, and improving my English. Also, ELI helped me reach my goal of becoming a full undergraduate student by teaching me new studying techniques, not only English skills.”

Facundo Groshaus

Danae Stylianou from Cyprus

Exercise Science Major

Danae was part of the North Central College Swimming Team. After studying in the English Language Institute Danae stated that “I really love the place; I love that it is such a nice town. It’s close to downtown Chicago, to the train station and campus looks pretty any time of the year. It feels like home.”

Danae Stylianou

Kazune Toyama from Tokyo, Japan

Business Management Major

Kazune is currently doing OPT, after studying in the English Language Institute Kazune stated that “There were two main things that were my favorite part of the ELI. The first one was how they show me tips to improve my grammar. The second one was they help me to understand what do we have to know in order to success undergrad life.”

Kazune Toyama

Mateo Gonzalez from Bogota, Colombia

Organizational Communication and Psychology Major

Mateo became the Graduate Assistant of the English Language Institute, he played Men’s Volleyball in the North Central College team. After studying in the English Language Institute Mateo stated that “My favorite part of the ELI was that I felt that I was not just a number, but instead I felt that my teachers were investing their time into making sure I was learning. Also, I was able to observe undergraduate classes while being in ELI classes, that gave me a better perspective into what I wanted to study for my undergraduate”

Mateo Gonzalez

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