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Everybody Comes In: Making all students feel welcome

Kara Kots

Oct 06, 2020

While enrolled in Models of Social Thought and Philosophy of Race and Gender with Ann Dolinko, visiting professor in the Shimer Great Books School, Elizabeth Rodriguez '21, Josselin Rodríguez '21 and Mayra Dominguez '21 formed an idea: to create an organization on campus that provides a safe and welcoming environment for all.  

Originating from a play on acronyms from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Josselin Rodríguez created the name Everybody Comes In (E.C.I.), to reinforce the organization’s commitment to an inclusive environment.  

“We wanted to create an organization that would give students a space to discuss various issues that can be hard to talk about in other settings," stated Dominguez, publicist for E.C.I. "We want to provide a space where students can feel comfortable and safe. We also want to take whatever we talk about in these meetings and implement changes for our campus and community."

Despite being a new organization on campus, members have already worked closely with the College's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force and Office of Multicultural Affairs to advocate for and provide resources and support for students.

“[Being a member of the executive board] means a lot to me. It feels like I am a part of a community that cares about how North Central is handling the minority student population. I feel like the older sister who wants the best for everybody," added Josselin Rodríguez, vice president. "E.C.I. can help educate and create a comfortable environment for students to talk about what is going on in the media and life when it comes to heavy topics like racism."

The organization not only provides a safe space for students, but one that fosters small, student-led discussions to learn more about pressing topics. "The executive board plans monthly discussion topics such as intersectionality, white privilege and more that we want to educate ourselves on," said Elizabeth Rodriguez, president of E.C.I. Through these discussions, the organization can help enlighten others and continue advocacy work.

"To me, being part of E.C.I. means having the willingness to learn more about issues that are happening in our world and are relevant to our campus and students," added Dominguez. "It means being open to having discussions on these issues while understanding that everyone's experiences will be unique and contribute something different."

To learn more about E.C.I. and upcoming events, visit the organization's Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Pictures of the student leaders of Everybody Comes In at North Central College.

ECI leaders Elizabeth Rodriguez, Mayra Dominguez and Josselin Rodríguez.