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North Central College dean interviewed on FOX 32 Chicago

Feb 11, 2021

Dr. Stephen Maynard Caliendo discussed never-before-seen video of Capitol siege as it relates to Trump’s second impeachment

As the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump continued to take the media spotlight, House managers methodically began laying out their case against the former president, calling him the inciter-in-chief. Dr. Stephen Maynard Caliendo, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at North Central College, interviewed with FOX 32 Chicago to break down all the highlights from the trial and discuss the never-before-seen video and audio footage of the Capitol insurrection.

“I think it’s really a 21st century trial,” said Dr. Caliendo. “I mean, lots of multimedia presentation footage that we hadn’t seen or heard before is quite dramatic. What I think is interesting is the trial isn’t just about what happened on January 6 during that riot, but months before. It is important to show that it was not a spontaneous event. If you argue there was a spontaneous event that you hinged everything on what the president said that particular day, I think what House managers are trying to do is illustrate that this is something that the president had laid out for a long time, starting with his claims that he could not lose the election unless it was rigged, and that was months before the actual election.”

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