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North Central College health science professor quoted in Elgin-Courier News

May 21, 2021

Tammy Wynard discussed how using humor can help you cope with traumatic event or tragedy

Steve Treviño, a comedian from rural Texas, says his Mexican heritage informs who he is as a person, but his experiences are universal. One of Treviño’s comedy missions is to discuss matters — and pain — that are often kept hidden. The 43-year-old talks openly about his depression and his family struggles which started when his wife had a miscarriage in 2019. They feel strongly that talking frankly about their challenges can help others feel like they can be upfront as well. Treviño is also open about how the pandemic affected him personally. “I hadn’t ever dealt with depression — through quarantine, I was unemployed, depressed, scared, worried.”

Tammy Wynard, chair and assistant professor of health sciences at North Central College, interviewed with the Elgin-Courier News, where she discussed how many turn to using humor to help cope with a traumatic events or tragedy in their own lives.

“By sharing the challenges through his wife’s miscarriage, and his depression brought on by the pandemic, Steve strengthens his connection to others by being vulnerable to the difficulty of experiencing such strong emotions and having a hard time being motivated, focused, and productive,” said Wynard. “Connection with others is essential when taking steps to heal through trauma. This can look different to each person, but finding emotional safety with others can be a bridge to getting support. As a public health educator for over 20 years and as a licensed foster parent, I have had many instances of teaching about and interacting with deeply sensitive topics. Laughing is well known to release the endorphins in our body that can allow for physical and mental relaxation.”

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