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North Central College management professor published book; gains global media attention

May 21, 2021

Brian Glibkowski’s published book offers tips on how to elevate your answers in any important conversation

You probably have a rough idea of your IQ and know what EQ is, but have you ever thought about your AQ or Answer Intelligence? AQ is a new science of answers that fully incorporates questions. The result is a simple framework (the AQ wheel) and five High AQ practices that you can use in your next conversation to increase your impact with others.

Many leaders spend their days in meetings, making presentations and in one-on-one conversations. In all these interactions, questions and answers are always present. As a society we are well versed in the importance of questions. To be an effective leader, AQ can help you navigate any conversation. You can use AQ to provide the right answer to any why, what, or how question.

Brian Glibkowski, associate professor of management at North Central College, recently published a book entitled, “Answer Intelligence: Raise Your AQ”, which helps everyday leaders highlight the value of answers in their daily conversations. His book—backed by science and countless research—has been capturing the attention of media outlets worldwide.

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