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North Central College alumna interviewed on FOX 32 Chicago

Jun 11, 2021

Jessica Wycha ’21 shares the secret to acing a virtual job interview

As companies transition to the a “new normal” and embrace the work-from-home lifestyle, many job interviews are now taking place virtually. With the economy heading into a more prosperous outlook, there doesn’t seem to be a shortage in job opportunities. To stand out from the competition, it’s imperative for job-seeking employees to know the tips and tricks that will land them a job—everything from resume writing to zoom interviews.

North Central College alumna Jessica Wycha ’21 interviewed with FOX 32 Chicago, where she shared the essential tips to acing a virtual job interview.

“When it comes to job interview preparation, it’s not solely about prepping for traditional interview questions anymore, you have to consider what all encompasses a zoom interview,” said Wycha. “Virtual interviews are harder, in my opinion, because there is a lot more you have to be more intentional about—now, your background matters, what you’re wearing matters. So, it’s important to be intentional to every detail when preparing for a virtual interview.”

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