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Two North Central College professors interviewed on WGN News

Aug 05, 2021

Professors Bill Muck and Suzanne Chod discussed testimonies surrounding the Capitol insurrection

The House select committee investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol kicked off its first high-profile hearing Tuesday, July 27 with harrowing testimony from officers who experienced firsthand the violent events of that day at the hands of a pro-Trump mob. The vivid testimony puts witness accounts on the record and a national spotlight on the insurrection, once again forcing a reckoning over the tragic events of January 6 for lawmakers on Capitol Hill as well as the American public.

North Central College political science professors Bill Muck and Suzanne Chod were interviewed on WGN’s Political Report with Paul Lisnek, where they shared analysis on the testimonies.

“It’s going to be really difficult to keep politics out of this process,” said Muck. “I fully assume that the committee is going to be cautious and careful in trying to avoid those pitfalls.”

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