North Central College in the News

North Central political science professor addressed breaking news across Chicago TV networks

Aug 19, 2021

Bill Muck talked about Afghanistan spiraling into chaos as Taliban takes control

Thousands of people are desperately trying to get out of Afghanistan, as a result of the Taliban seizing control over Kabul, the country’s capital of about 5 million people. The rapid takeover left the world stunned. That includes the thousands of Afghans who fled their homes and believed that Kabul—a city with US troops and western presence—would be a safe haven. But when the Taliban took control of the city, thousands of Afghans rushed to Kabul’s international airport, where international evacuation flights were taking off. And things quickly spiraled into chaos.

Bill Muck, professor of political science at North Central College, interviewed across three broadcast networks in Chicago—the third top rated media market in the country—to provide analysis on the situation unfolding overseas.

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