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North Central College dean interviewed on FOX 32 Chicago

Dec 03, 2021

Stephen Maynard Caliendo discussed controversial SCOTUS case on abortion

This week, the Supreme Court of the United States heard arguments on Mississippi’s 15-week ban on abortion. The conservative majority indicated that they would uphold the law and might even go further to try and overturn the right to abortion. While abortions have been legal in the United States since the Roe v. Wade opinion in 1973, and ever since then, lawmakers in various states have tried to modify or limit that right and now it looks like Mississippi’s 15-week ban on abortion might be upheld by the court.

Stephen Maynard Caliendo, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at North Central College, interviewed with FOX 32 Chicago where he discussed the implications of the SCOTUS hearing and its long-term impact on the nation.

“It’s a test case out of Mississippi,” said Caliendo. “We can take some indications about the questioning, but we’re not going to know for a few months exactly how the decision falls. But, if indeed the ban is upheld, it will mean that there is no protection for women’s reproductive health, specifically as defined under Roe v. Wade for the last 50 years, and it would mean that states are eligible to decide if they want to have similar bills. So, if the Mississippi bill stands, other states could follow suit.”

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