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North Central College professor of music quoted in Naperville Sun

Dec 03, 2021

Ramona Wis shared insight into conducting safe holiday caroling this year

Singing carols with family and friends can evoke memories that last a lifetime, even for those diagnosed with dementia. Family singalongs or caroling, whether Christmas or other traditional holiday tunes, create memories. For those thinking about sharing that joy with the community through caroling there are many tips and tricks to conducting a successful sing-a-long.

Ramona Wis, Mimi Rolland Professor in the Fine Arts and professor of music at North Central College, was quoted in the Naperville Sun stating a few ideas for novices and experts alike.

“Caroling is a trickier process than it may appear to be,” Wis said. “Are you doing Christmas caroling or holiday caroling? Not everyone celebrates Christmas, and even those who do might celebrate in a secular, but not sacred fashion, so work for balance in your approach and awareness in your song selection.”

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