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North Central College accounting professor featured in Naperville Sun

Jan 05, 2022

Jerry Thalmann discussed Coffee Lab’s latest bourbon roast

North Central College’s state-of-the-art Coffee Lab took to a new flavor shortly before the holidays; a flavor that had been in the making for 60 days. Jerry Thalmann, associate professor of accounting and director of the Coffee Lab at North Central College interviewed with Naperville Sun reporter Suzanne Baker, where he described the new roast the College was unveiling ahead of the holiday season.

“The green coffee beans were harvested from a small, family farm in Guatemala and were aged [for 60 days] in a bourbon barrel to lend a hint of the spirit’s aroma. It’s all-natural flavoring in comparison to what other flavoring would be; certain people really love it. People who like it keep coming back for more.”

While the roast might be more trendy than tasty for the common coffee aficionado, Thalmann likened the bourbon coffee to other coffee flavors, like pumpkin spice.

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