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North Central College marketing professor pens op-ed in Daily Herald

Mar 21, 2022

Carly Drake shared how physical spaces are important to business success and social wellbeing

Carly Drake, assistant professor of marketing at North Central College, penned an op-ed in the Daily Herald. The column, published March 20, 2022, focused on how important it is for business to consider physical spaces, as they have a sizeable impact on the business’ success and overall social wellbeing.

Here is an excerpt from her op-ed:

The spaces around us have enormous impact on our well-being, and the role of businesses in curating those spaces is not to be underestimated.

The appearance of a physical space, such as an office or retail showroom, is not just an opportunity for branding, but for doing good. To take care of their employees and customers, business practitioners must consider the nature of their environment beyond the products and services they offer.

There are three elements to consider.

First, design elements. These elements refer to how a space looks. Here, we might pay attention to the building structure and location, furniture, signage, menus and other printed materials, and color schemes.

Second, atmospheric elements. These elements refer to how a space feels thanks to its lighting, smell, texture, and temperature.

Third, social elements. These elements refer to how a space's design and atmosphere communicates, implicitly and explicitly, who is welcome (or not). Social elements include neighborhood surrounding the business, its current clientele or staff, and accessibility.

Click here to read the full op-ed in the Daily Herald.

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