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North Central College finance professor interviewed on WGN-TV

Jul 27, 2022

Patrick Gray provided an update on inflation and the state of the economy

As polls continue to show inflation as one of the largest concerns for voters in the upcoming midterm elections, the Associated Press reported that 40% of adults say it is one of their top priorities for the government to address.

Patrick Gray, adjunct assistant professor of finance at North Central College, interviewed with Ray Cortopassi of WGN-TV, where he addressed these concerns from voters and their focus on the state of the current economy.

“Well, I think it is a combination of folks saying the state of the economy and the potential prospect of a recession, which is frequently spoken about in the news,” said Gray. “The impact of inflation that everybody deals with daily is most evident in the price of gasoline. Now, we’re seeing signs that prices are starting to come down at the pump and certainly the price of oil in general has come down significantly; however, I think the impact of inflation and its impact on the average voter and/or consumer is going to be in place for a while.”

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