North Central College in the News

North Central College professor of economics quoted in Daily Herald

Sep 27, 2022

Ryan Decker examined the state of the economy

Less than two months before the midterm election, with early voting about to start in Illinois, some consumers are seeking answers from experts about one of the key issues to consider as a voter: Is the economy in good shape?

Ryan Decker, professor of economics and director of the Center for Financial Literacy at North Central College, interviewed with the Daily Herald, where he broke down the truth on the economic state of the nation—the surging job market, strength of the consumer, record-high inflation rate, etc.

“"Employment is fantastic right now. Unemployment is low, which means incomes are high, or at least they're not low. Spending is still high. We're all coming out of that COVID fog and we want to go on vacations and we're spending money."

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