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Insight from immigration attorneys leaves a positive impact during Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month

Kara Kots

Oct 31, 2022

As part of Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month, Fusión Española and the Office of Multicultural Affairs welcomed immigration attorneys Neil Levine, Omar Salguero, and Edward González to campus to share their stories and experiences with students. During the event, Levine, Salguero, and González presented their educational backgrounds and career paths that led them to their current roles. While their expertise covers a wide range of practice areas, they spoke about their experiences with the immigration policy of DACA, or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

“The purpose of hosting events regarding immigration policy and immigrant rights is to provide resources for all students who may be in the DACA program, in the immigration process, or pursuing a degree in the field,” stated Jelena Sánchez, assistant professor of Spanish. “Immigration lawyers will share a wealth of legal knowledge and counsel that may be beneficial for our students and their families.”

In addition, the event was beneficial for those considering immigration and law as a career. After the attorneys' remarks, campus community members stayed to ask questions and speak with the attorneys one-on-one, providing an excellent professional networking opportunity. “It is crucial that North Central provides these events to support and inform students about their legal rights, the country’s sociopolitical climate, and our commitment to their academic, professional, and personal success,” added Sánchez.

For those who missed it, Sánchez said this event will be held annually during Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month. In the meantime, students are encouraged to contact Professor Sánchez at or the Office of Multicultural Affairs at any time if they have questions regarding their legal status, ability to study at North Central, or immigration contacts.

Immigration attorneys Omar Salguero, Edward Gonzalez and Neil Levine with North Central College Professor Jelena Sanchez.

From left to right: Omar Salguero, Professor Jelena Sanchez, Edward Gonzalez and Neil Levine.