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North Central College political science professor interviewed on FOX 32 Chicago

Jan 30, 2023

Suzanne Chod weighed in on the discovery of Biden’s possession of classified documents

As the Justice Department’s investigation on classified documents was being discovered at four locations, some Republican members of Congress promised to find out who had access to Biden’s Wilmington Delaware home, where some of the documents were found. The president’s supporters call this hypocrisy, pointing to former President Trump’s handling of classified documents; but, there’s also the question of timing—with some experts stating many answers from here may need to wait until the conclusion of the special counsel’s review.

Suzanne Chod, professor of political science at North Central College, interviewed with reporter Tia Ewing of FOX 32 Chicago, where she addressed the investigation’s comparison and difference to that of former President Trump’s possession of classified documents.

“The most important difference is the volume of documents,” said Chod. “So, we have hundreds of documents that were recovered at the Mar a Lago Estate, and of the 300 documents they found, a lot more of them were deemed classified and top secret compared to the handful that had been found at the locations that were noted for President Biden; so volume is important. One of the things we look at when we determine whether a law has broken is the question of was it a purposeful mishandling and was there some willful nature of having the documents to show them to others, which is important to note as well.”

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