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North Central College dean interviewed on ABC 7 Chicago

By Kelly Murphy

Aug 25, 2023

Stephen Maynard Caliendo addressed trial of former Mike Madigan chief of staff Tim Mapes

Jury selection began in early August in the trial of former Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan's ex-chief of staff, Tim Mapes. A pool of 50 perspective jurors were brought in for this trial, but it's a slow process, with the judge questioning every one of them individually.

Mapes, 68, is charged with perjury and obstruction of justice for his alleged attempt to block the federal criminal investigation of Madigan. Mapes was part of Madigan's tight inner circle. He served as Madigan's chief of staff for many years until he was fired in 2018 in a sexual harassment investigation. He also served as executive director of the Democratic Party of Illinois.

Stephen Maynard Caliendo, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at North Central College, was interviewed by ABC 7 Chicago’s political reporter Craig Wall, where he addressed the trial.

"You have to prove it was false, and that the person knew it was false at the time they said it. And so, saying, 'I don't recollect' or 'I'm not sure,' those are all ways that you can get around telling the absolute truth," said Caliendo.

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