This program is designed to meet you where you are and push you to advance by capitalizing on your current work experience and applying your knowledge to new and deeper concepts.
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Why pursue an Applied Health Sciences degree at North Central College?

The North Central College Applied Health Sciences major offers students, who have previously completed an Associate in Science (A.S.) or an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree and has a certification within their respective healthcare field, an opportunity for advancement by providing a pathway to earn a bachelor’s degree. This major is designed to be completed in two years (four semesters and one summer) and is delivered in a 100% online model.

This program is designed to meet you where you are and push you to advance by capitalizing on your current work experience and applying your knowledge to new and deeper concepts. You will graduate with a bachelor’s degree, prepared for success in graduate school or advancement within your current profession.

The Applied Health Sciences program is perfect for career-minded individuals looking for a four-year degree that equips them with the skills needed to excel in the modern healthcare workplace.

Students can enhance their studies in a variety of ways:

  • Build upon the base of knowledge previously obtained
  • Explore opportunities to deepen expertise related to healthcare delivery and systems
  • Engage in a strong interdisciplinary curriculum featuring courses in ethics, research, psychology and leadership
  • Apply foundational knowledge of health and body systems
  • Advance in mastery of subjects through a transformative experience emphasizing evidence-based practice and cultural competence
  • Participate as a relationship-centered professional within an interprofessional collaborative team

Applicants must have:

  • Completed an Associate in Science (A.S.) or an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree
  • Obtained a certification within their respective healthcare field

Applicable coursework:

BAS Curriculum Map

Download Curriculum Map PDF

Bridge Tracks with Graduate Healthcare Programs

Qualified students meeting base requirements may use this major as a bridge program to identified graduate healthcare disciplines by choosing to complete pre-requisite courses and successfully meeting standards necessary to move to the next step of a bridge program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the fall term start?
    • August 10.  This start is officially considered part of the Fall 2022 session, but is 14 days earlier than the rest of the undergraduate population.
  • What is student to faculty ratio?
    • We are anticipating 10-24 students per cohort.
  • Do I ever need to come to campus?
    • No. This program can be completed 100% online. There are no in-person campus requirements in the Applied Health Sciences major. However, for those that are looking for an on-campus component, there are options in some classes to enroll in the in-person sections and also students are always welcome to come to campus to meet with professors or participate in campus events.
  • How do you complete any labs/practicum work?
    • All labs and practicum work are completed online for the core curriculum. The courses are structured so that the instructor works closely with the students to provide them guidance on how to get practical hands-on experience with the classroom concepts. There is a chance if a student needs a specific course outside the curriculum in order to apply to a specific graduate program (example - needs to add-on organic chemistry to apply to PA school), then they would have to take that class/lab in a regular in-person section. 
  • Since classes are online, do I need to purchase any medical equipment for labs?
    • No. The labs and practical experiences for this class are not the type that equipment is needed. Additionally, this major has a package price so there is one upfront cost that includes all tuition, books, and fees. There are no hidden fees for extra lab equipment or other supplies. 
  • Are online courses synchronous or asynchronous (i.e. can I complete on my own schedule)?
    • We are striving to have most of the courses run in an asynchronous format with optional synchronous check-in sessions during each week. Additionally, we are striving to structure the 16-week semester courses into two sections where all classes will pause at the half way point for a 4 day weekend that is free from all homework/assignments. 
      •  Asynch = learn on your own schedule within a certain timeframe. 
      • Synch = live interaction with faculty and/or other students at a pre-determined time.
  • Are faculty accessible for virtual office hours? 
    • Yes. Faculty will strive to be very accessible for virtual students and the goal of this program is to build a strong community/cohort feel. A focus of this program will be to connect faculty and students and to make it both an individualized experience and also to make sure that students feel connected to the faculty, College, and their peers. 
  • What is the cost of the program?
    • This program is being offered at a special cohort rate which reflects a 30% reduction from the college’s standard undergraduate costs.  The total program cost over the course of two years -- inclusive of tuition, fees and books -- is $35,688 for those starting the cohort in Fall 2022.  Cohort rates may change with subsequent cohort start dates (i.e. Fall 2023).  Because each term is full-time (fall, spring and summer of the first year, and fall and spring of the second year), all terms are eligible for financial aid for those who qualify.  Students can apply for federal and state financial aid including low interest student loans by filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)  at using North Central College’s school code of 001734.  Any financial aid for which the student is eligible, would be applied directly against the cost of the program.  The remaining balance would be due each semester.  Students can opt to spread out their payments through monthly payment plans available through the College:

      Two cost examples are illustrated below for planning purposes.  In both examples, the full program cost of $35,688 is split into five equal terms costing one-fifth of the total - or $7138 per term.

      • Example 1: Students eligible for maximum loans.  $7138- $3750 (loan max) = out of pocket expense/what would appear on bill​​​​​​
        • 5 month payment plan – beginning August 1 for the FA22 term. Five monthly payments of 677.60.
        • 4 month payment plan – beginning Sept 1 for the FA22 term. Four monthly payments of $847.00.
      • Example 2:  Students not eligible for any loans.  Each of the five terms would cost $7138.  This cost could be split into payments using the College’s payment plan.​​​​​​
        • 5 month payment plan – beginning August 1 for the FA22 term. Five monthly payments of $1428.
        • 4 month payment plan – beginning Sept 1 for the FA22 term. Four monthly payments of $1785.
  • How does loan repayment work?
    • Once you graduate, drop below half-time enrollment, or leave school, your federal student loan goes into repayment. However, if you have a Direct Subsidized or Direct Unsubsidized loan, you have a six-month grace period before you are required to start making regular payments. Interest will continue to accrue on an Unsubsidized Loan during your grace period.  You may choose to make payments of the interest during this time.

      When your loan enters repayment, you will automatically be placed on the Standard Repayment Plan, 10 year plan.  You can request to be changed to a different plan at any time.  You may also prepay your loan and there are no penalties if you do so. 

      You can find more information on Direct Loans and repayment at

  • Is this program accredited?
    • There is no accreditation body or option for this. However, North Central College, as an institution, is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.
  • I’m interested in the MOT bridge program specifically.  What does that entail?
    • For those interested in the MOT Bridge program, the APHS major is simply tailored to include FOUR specific MOT pre-requisites that ensure students have the required OT content they need for success. The four required courses occur in the second fall and spring of the program, and include PSYC 235 in the fall, and PSYC 385, SOCI 343 or another global understanding class, and APHS 460 in the second spring.
  • What if I’m interested in ‘bridging’ into another masters program?
    • All students can work with faculty advisors to select electives that help them 'bridge' into other masters programs as desired (either at NC or elsewhere).
  • Does this program/school have any relationships with local hospitals, medical groups, or medical facilities?
    • We are working to establish connections with local medical groups, facilities, and hospitals. We are also working to establish connections with graduate programs. We will strive to assist students in getting connected to health and medical areas of interest for them.
  • What have other students done with this degree?
    • This is a brand new program so we have yet to graduate the first cohort. However, there is already an established Bridge program with the Master of Occupational Therapy program. That MOT program has wonderful outcomes of retention, graduation/passing the national certification exam, and finding jobs (if it helps for marketing, we can get all of these stats from the MOT program). 
  • What if I need a break and take a semester off? How will it impact my graduation timeline?
    • The Applied Health Sciences major is designed to be completed in two years as a full-time student. Students may take a semester off and complete their major on their return, but that will generally delay their completion date or entry into the MOT Bridge program. You should meet with your academic advisor if you are considering taking a part time course load or a semester off, to see the specific impact on your completion date.  

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