Student Opportunities in Neuroscience

Our students presented research projects at conferences around the country.

National Conference on Undergraduate Research

  • Role of accumbal AMPA on cocaine self-administration in differentialy reared rats.
  • PEPA and glutamate: The role of infralimbic AMPA receptors in diminishing cue-induced drug seeking behavior.

North Central College Rall Symposium for Undergraduate Research

  • Striatal-accumbal c-fos expression in differentially reared rats following reinstatement of cocaine-seeking behaviors.

Society for Neuroscience

  • Dorsolateral striatum c-fos expression following reinstatement of cocaine seeking in differentialy reared rats.

Recent Internships in Neuroscience

  • NeuroHealth Associates, Lombard, IL

Our students are in graduate programs in neuroscience and other related fields at:

  • University of Southern California – neuroscience
  • Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai, New York – clinical research

Careers for Majors in Neuroscience:

  • Neurobiologist – studies the biology of the nervous system.
  • Neurochemist – studies the chemistry of the nervous system.
  • Neuropharmacologist – studies the action of drugs on the nervous system and/or behavior.
  • Neurophysiologist – analyzes the physiology or electrical responses of the nervous system.
  • Neuropsychologist – examines brain/behavior relationships, especially cognitive functions.
  • Neuroradiologist – diagnoses diseases of the nervous system using imaging methods such as X-ray, MRI, CT and angiography.
For more information, explore our Psychology and Neuroscience program pages.