Recycling Basics at North Central College

The indoor and outdoor comingle recycling program provides the campus community with the opportunity to easily recycle a variety of paper, metal, plastic, and glass materials. Recycling bins are conveniently located throughout campus in building common areas, cafeterias, kitchens, offices, residence halls, and select outdoor locations.

Refer to Recycle Right! posters found throughout campus for a list of recyclable items.

Electronics Recycling on Campus

To help students and staff keep E-waste out of landfills, North Central has established an electronics recycling program.      

Composting Basics at North Central College

Composting is the process through which organic material, such as food scraps, decomposes into a substance called compost or humus. This can be used to fertilize gardens and soil. At North Central College, we collect food scraps which are picked up and taken to an external composting facility. North Central uses the finished compost in the campus community garden!

Where can I compost?

North Central collects compost at Kaufman Dining Hall, The Cage, and various campus events including the Farewell Picnic and Cornerstone Picnic.

Recycling Education Video

Check out this video made by North Central College students about recycling on Campus!

North Central College Move Out

At the end of every academic year, when residents move out of the dorms, Sustainability Central is there to reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill. Make sure to properly dispose of items such as clothing, carpet, electronics, food and furniture in designated collection areas.

Learn more here.

Recycling Resources in the Community

In addition to all waste reduction efforts at North Central College, there are so many ways to recycle and re-use off campus. 

Naperville Recycling

The City of Naperville offers a comprehensive recycling program to all residents. This includes curbside pickup, a recycling drop off center, and a household hazardous waste drop off. 

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are an important way to keep clothing out of a landfill and reduce consumption of natural resource. Here are some local ones to try:

Habitat for Humanity Restore




SCARCE stands for “School and Community Assistance for Recycling and Composting Education.” SCARCE offers extensive reuse and recycling programs to the public to help keep “stuff” out of landfills.

Waste Reduction Tips

Caring for our planet is about more than just recycling. In fact, before we even think about recycling, we need to take steps to Reduce our Waste, and Reuse the items we have before buying new! Here are some great ways to Reduce waste in your home or dorm!