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Cardinal Career Launch: Student Highlight

Virginia Gramarosso, Class of 2022

Career Launch:

Prior to graduation, Virginia Gramarosso received a full-time job offer as a Health Educator and Project Coordinator with Teen Parent Connection (TPC), a nonprofit organization that provides services and education to teen moms and dads. In this role, Virginia delivers health education and program curriculum to various adolescent groups in settings such as high-school health classes, substance use treatment centers, youth correctional facilities, and other community-based sites.

The North Central College Advantage: 

“Professor Tammy Wynard has been an incredible mentor. With her help, as well as the health science department’s guidance and support, I was able to map out the rest of my academic career in a way that would best prepare me to become a health educator. During my time at North Central, I was a Peer Health Educator in the Dyson Wellness Center, which introduced me to health programming to improve the well-being of others. In this role, I discovered my passion for sexual health education. These experiences further grew my interest in the field and led me to fulfill my career goals.

“When Professor Wynard sent me this job posting, it was apparent that this opportunity was one I could not pass up. I thank her immensely for her guidance and encouragement throughout my academic career; I would not be where I am without her. This position is truly a dream job for me and is exposing me to so many different populations of adolescents, allowing me to connect with them and improve their quality of life. I am thankful for North Central supporting and preparing me to enter the workplace and the field of health education.” 



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Cardinal Career Launch

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