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Master of Education Instant Admission Webinar

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Join faculty and staff to learn how you can advance your career with an Educational Leadership degree. Our program leads to eligibility for Illinois principal endorsement. 

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Join this Instant Admission event to:

1.) Hear about distinctive aspects of our ONLINE Educational Leadership degree program

2.) Have questions answered by graduate advisors, faculty, and current candidates

3.) Learn about how to apply and admission requirements

4.) Learn about the Education Alliance Partner benefit

5.) Prepare to get started on your graduate degree in May or August, 2023

6.) Bypass traditional application requirements (personal statement and resume)

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February 16 Master of Education Webinar Recording 

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November 3 Master of Education Webinar Recording

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March 23 Master of Education Webinar

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The Educational Leadership program is focused on the moral purpose of building the capacity of our graduate candidates so that they can go forward and bring Cultures of Character practices into the heart of their school communities. The Program is grounded in:

  • Program-specific leadership virtues
  • The development of leader character
  • Cultivating practical wisdom
Principal at Lemont High School


Wille Hayes

Special Education Teacher, Lemont High School District 210 and NCC candidate involved in the fellowship experience

I received my undergrad from North Central and I kind of knew the type of people that would be instructing or be involved with. I love the smaller class sizes just due to the fact that you kind of get that one-to-one personal experience. I knew that the people that were teaching the classes and the people that were involved- they're passionate. And I think when you're going into some type of leadership responsibility, you have to be passionate about what you're doing. And I knew I'd be receiving that in instructions. So the instruction at North Central is by far phenomenal.

Willie Hayes

Christine Flores

Director of Special Education Lemont High School District 210

I do agree that both a professional leadership team here at Lemont High School, the school community, faculty, students, parents benefited from this relationship with North Central College.

Christie Flores

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Become an innovator and a leader in your educational community! Our character infused master of education degree will prepare you to guide your school to the next level. At North Central, you will grow into a professional in the field and learn the skills you need to create professional, welcoming environments to help students, teachers and staff grow.  

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