Join your college reunion!

This year, we'll be hosting reunions for Classes of 1962, 1967 and 1972 for 50 plus year reunion celebrations! Join us by clicking the registration link.

50 Year Club Events

Join us for the 50-Year Club events over homecoming weekend and get a special price! $50 gets you access to...

  • Reunion Lunch for either the Class of  ’62, ’67 or ’72
  • 50-Year Club Brunch
  • Dinner and Football Game
  • Sunday Brunch

Shimer Reunion

Join fellow Shimerians at the Shimer Reunion during the weekend. Be sure to also register for other North Central Homecoming events happening too!

shimer reunion

Cardinals, fly back to the nest!

Learn more about homecoming at North Central College and check out our hotel partner program and the complete schedule below.