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Honors Day Pre-Recorded Presentations

Rall Symposium Pre-Recorded Oral Session

Our Honors Day Symposium is a day for students to share their undergrad research within their academic field and interest. Ranging from all disciplines, gender studies, classical studies, sociology and more - students showcase their intellectual curiosity and strengths with peers, professors and faculty.

Pre-recorded presentations are listed below in alphabetical order of the student’s last name. Recordings are available starting on April 22 on Flipgrid.

You can log in using either an @noctrl.edu or @gmail.com email account. Otherwise, the guest password is: Rall2021. Viewers can watch the presentations at any time and post questions or comments. Around 12:30 p.m., the presenters will log in and respond to any questions posted by viewers.

New to Flipgrid? Watch this welcome video that will introduce you to the platform and help you navigate the presentations.

If you would like to see more information regarding each presentation (interactive or pre-recorded), please refer to the Honors Day program.


If issues arise when trying to access any of the presentations, please contact one of the Rall Symposium Co-Coordinators:

  • Brendon Mason: bjmason@noctrl.edu or 630-637-5420
  • Becky Sanders: rlsanders@noctrl.edu or 630-637-5175


Pre-recorded Presentations


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Honors Program

The Honors Program is designed for students, pursuing any major, who are interested in taking intellectual risks and engaging in rigorous and meaningful work. It is an opportunity to test and push your limits with the support of expert faculty and encouragement of fellow honors students.