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International Student Services and Engagement

North Central is a small college, but our classroom spans the globe. So our community invites you to celebrate the diversity and cultural wonders of the entire human community.


In fact, North Central is one of only five institutions in the United States to receive the 2015 Senator Paul Simon Award for Comprehensive Internationalization. Led by our Center for Global Education, we've earned this recognition by greatly expanding both our study abroad program offerings and our welcome to international students who come from around the world to enjoy being central.

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North Central College: International Institution

Learn about North Central's comprehensive international programs

Thinking globally gives North Central students the chance to travel the world or learn more about other cultures without leaving campus.

Our growing international enrollment brings the world to our community, through programs like the International Living and Learning Community, Friendship Family, International Roommates and International Club.


At North Central, you’ll have the chance to:

  • Study abroad

Spend one semester, a whole year, or D-Term studying at one of North Central's more than 50 partner universities in Europe, Asia, Latin America or Africa.

  • Select International Housing

Share your first-year on campus housing experience with other students from around the world. 

  • Learn by serving others

Choose from dozens of service missions to help bring relief to the less fortunate corners of the world.

  • Enjoy multinational friendships

Share the classroom with fellow students from diverse cultures expands your global horizons.

  • Get a broader world view

We take great pride in our international faculty. At North Central, you can choose to learn with professors from more than a dozen different countries.

  • Take another road

Travel with your classmates and a favorite professor to intriguing destinations—China, Italy, Japan, Morocco and more. Get course credit while immersed in a different culture.

  • Create your own research project

If you’ve ever dreamed of exploring a favorite field of research, take the first step by applying for a Richter Grant. Maybe you prefer to combine your studies with humanitarian service? Apply for a Mironda Heston Scholarship for Public Service Grant.

  • Join the International Club

One of largest clubs on campus celebrates our cultural diversity. From the annual International Retreat to the International Roundtable Lunch, you'll share in North Central's global focus.

  • Learn a second (or third) language

In today's global economy, a second language earns you a career advantage while growing your understanding of the larger world. Choose from Spanish, German, French, Arabic, and Japanese.

Whether you help an international student feel at home or make a home for yourself across the seas, you'll develop a hands-on, face-to-face understanding of our interconnected world while getting a chance to serve those far removed from its comforts.

At home or abroad, you can expect the unexpected on the learning adventure of a lifetime.