LASALLE College of the Arts

Before you meet with a study abroad advisor be sure to complete the "Advising Form" linked at the top of this page.

Please note that you will not be able to apply for semester or yearlong study abroad program until you've met with a study abroad advisor.

Program Overview

Eligible participants must be at junior or senior level with a 3.0 GPA preferred.

LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore is a leading institution in cutting edge contemporary arts and design education and practice. The college offers undergraduate programs in fine arts, design communication, interior design, product design, film, animation, fashion, dance, music, theatre, arts management, arts pedagogy and practice, art therapy, Asian art histories and creative writing.

Its faculty is led by a community of award-winning artists, designers, educators and researchers, and their practice-led research sets LASALLE apart as an international center of excellence. Critically acclaimed alumni form the core of the cultural and creative sectors in Singapore and, increasingly, internationally.

Founded in 1984 by De La Salle Brother Joseph McNally – a visionary artist and educator – LASALLE is a not-for-profit, private educational institution. LASALLE receives tuition grant support from the Singapore Ministry of Education. Its degree programs are validated by Goldsmiths, University of London.

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Students are required to complete GLS 277 in the spring term prior to studying abroad in the fall.

Students usually earn 12 credits per term, however this varies by course load and length of stay. All grades earned abroad affect students North Central College GPA when transferred back. Students cannot take courses pass/fail.

LASALLE is a unique program in that students do not select specific courses or modules before studying abroad. Students are required to submit to LASALLE a portfolio of their work, essay, and other application materials depending on the area of study (e.g. musical theatre, arts management, interior design). Upon submitting their application materials, LASALLE then determines at which level of study students will take courses. Once placed at the appropriate level of study, students take courses from a set list; students do not select and choose their courses like at North Central College. Students only take courses in one area of study; for example, students may not take courses that fall under both fine arts and animation art.

Housing and Meals

Students live in a self-catered apartment within walking distance to the beach, shops, restaurants, and market. A direct bus service takes students to the LASALLE campus.

Meals:  meals are not included in program costs. Students prepare their own meals in a shared kitchen apartment.

Estimated Costs

Students in Direct Enrollment programs (i.e. Universidad Viña del Mar) pay North Central College tuition plus a $4,000 program fee. A $30 non-refundable application fee is due at the time of application submission. This program fee includes placement, orientation and guidance fees, as well as standard self-catered housing. The College selects accommodations; if students choose to upgrade, they are responsible for paying any difference in cost. Unless otherwise noted, the fee does not include airfare, travel to and from airport, meals, visa fees, departure tax, books, national insurance, personal travel or spending money. North Central College financial aid does apply.