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University of Birmingham

Before you meet with an education abroad advisor be sure to complete the "Advising Form" linked at the top of this page.

Please note that you will not be able to apply for semester or yearlong education abroad program until you've met with an education abroad advisor. To make an appointment, please contact or call the Center for Global Education at 630-637-5132.

Program Overview

Fall Term/Full Year

Eligible participants must be at junior or senior level with a 3.0 GPA preferred.

One of the first campus-based universities in the United Kingdom, the University of Birmingham boasts an impressive list of superlatives: one of the top 10 most beautiful U.K. campuses, one of the broadest program ranges of any U.K. university, and one of the largest international student communities in the U.K. Only a seven-minute train ride to the vibrant center of England’s “second city,” this university of 29,000 students offers strong programs in music, theater, sciences, business (in the oldest business school in the U.K.), religious studies, political science, anthropology, engineering, sports and exercise science, history, English and philosophy.

£500 scholarships through BUTEX, a U.K. higher education membership organization, are available for students in all NCC England programs.


Students are required to complete GLS 277 in the spring term prior to studying abroad in the fall.

Students usually earn 12-15 credits per term, however, this depends on course load and length of stay at the University of Birmingham. All grades earned abroad affect your North Central College GPA when transferred back. Students cannot take courses pass/fail.

For a list of courses available to study abroad students at the University of Birmingham, please click here.

Note:  Students must have courses pre-approved by North Central College prior to taking them abroad. If students change their course schedules while abroad, they must get this change approved. Some departments only permit students to take a certain number of courses that count toward their major abroad. To ensure that all courses count towards their degrees, students must get their department's approval.

Housing and Meals

University of Birmingham guarantees student accommodation on campus for all international students. Students apply for housing online once they have received their official acceptance letter from the University of Birmingham and are provided with a student identification number.

Accommodation at Birmingham usually consists of a single or double room in a flat with a shared kitchen and bathroom. Because the University of Birmingham is an exchange program, students should research accommodation and fees on the University of Birmingham website to determine which is option is best for them. To view accommodation options, please click here.

Meals: students have the option of purchasing a meal plan at an additional cost. Other students choose to prepare their own meals in a shared kitchen.

Estimated Costs

Students pay North Central College tuition and room and board to the host institution. A $30 non-refundable application fee is due at the time of application submission. Students are personally responsible for paying airfare, health insurance, departure tax, books, extra personal travel and spending money, as these items are not included in room and board fees. North Central College financial aid does apply.