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At North Central College, you will graduate prepared to achieve your personal, academic and professional goals. If those goals include pursuing a graduate degree, we’ve designed dedicated pathways to help you create a foundation of knowledge in your undergraduate program and launch a successful post-graduate career.

Explore the variety of pathways offered in:

Dedicated Health Science Support

North Central provides dedicated resources to help keep you on track as you move through the undergraduate-to-graduate health science pathways. Advisors specific to the health sciences ensure you take the right courses, get connected to shadowing opportunities, are prepared for entrance exams, and receive advice on choosing the right health science path for you.

Health Science

Health Science Pathways

Pathways into several of North Central’s clinical health science graduate programs are available to eligible undergraduate students.

Additionally, North Central has strategically partnered with Lake Erie College of Medicine and Northwestern Medicine Clinical Schools to offer early acceptance pathways into health science programs North Central does not offer.

Business, Education and Leadership

In general, your undergraduate major does not always need to be in the same field as what you plan to study in graduate school. You can choose from a variety of undergraduate programs and successfully pursue a graduate degree in Business, Education, and Leadership. Listed below are pathways we often recommend and frequently see students pursue during their time at North Central.


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With more than 90 undergraduate and 16 graduate programs—you are sure to find the best fit for your future. With our Program Finder you can filter majors by interest, format and field of study.

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