student choosing a major


8 Steps to Choosing Your Major

Mar 28, 2019

Deciding on a major? Here are the steps you can take and some tips on what to do next.


Pro Tip before you begin: Everyone chooses their college major a little differently—there’s really no “right” way to go about it. Instead of asking yourself “What major should I choose?”, try asking “What am I curious about?” Topics that spark curiosity or align with your interests are a great starting point for discovering your future major.

  1. Let’s get started: At Summer Orientation, meet with your academic advisor to discuss and register for classes for your first semester on campus.
  1. Discover your interests: During your first semester, take note of the classes that spark your curiosity. To put it another way, which classes do you jump out of bed to go to?
  1. Think about a career: Now that you’ve determined your interests, find out what careers match them. Take an online career assessment to evaluate potential career options.
  1. Narrow the options: With the help of your academic advisor, review the results of your career assessment and compare them to a list of related majors. Then, narrow the list to majors you want to know more about.
  1. Consult an expert: Our faculty are passionate about helping students find their path. Once you’ve narrowed your list of majors, meet with faculty in those fields to discuss courses, research opportunities and internships available to you
  1. Select your classes: Register for Spring classes that align with your newly identified interests and potential major. It's time to put that curiosity to the test.
  1. Declare your major: The time has come! You’ve explored your interests and reviewed your options, now it’s time to make a decision. Meet with your academic advisor to make it official.
  1. It’s only the beginning: Congratulations, you’ve selected your major! This is just the beginning. There are so many exciting opportunities to explore: study abroad, internships, research, student clubs and organizations, service trips and much more!


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