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Cardinals - Leave your nest!

When was the last time you tried something new?

Apr 10, 2019

Learning something new is not just limited to the classroom!

All across North Central students are branching out of their comfort zones and having new experiences.
Here are just six campus organizations to spark your curiosity.

International Club 

The International Club is dedicated to promoting diversity, cooperation and international awareness. It’s a great place for curious and open minds. The club advocates for the interests of international students both within and outside the College.

International Club


Changemaker Challenge 

Have an idea to change the world? We can help make it a reality. The annual Changemaker Challenge provides a platform for students to test ideas for social impact projects in front of professional judges and a curious audience.



Living Learning Communities 

Living learning communities within a residence hall are great ways to further your academic curiosity, interests and lifestyle. You can join a group of students who share a common interest, academic status, background or lifestyle. Communities exist for College Scholars, international students, engineering majors, German majors, Premier Scholars, Shimer College students and gender inclusive housing for students who identify as LGBTQIA.

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The Union 

The Union is an on-campus, student-run entertainment venue featuring musical acts and artists. It’s a unique way for creative and curious students to produce events that reflect their passion for social change, music, art and entertainment. The Union’s mission is to “spark inward reflection leading to outward action.”

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Outdoor Adventure Club 

Interested in rock climbing? Looking for a new hiking trail? The Outdoor Adventure Club is an organization dedicated to providing opportunities for students to go outside and participate in activities such as hiking, rock climbing, kayaking and caving.

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Fireside Chats 

The ability to have significant, thoughtful dialogue on tough issues is a deeply held value at North Central, perhaps now more than ever. Fireside chats have created a community curious to increase their understanding of one another. A number of chats have taken place with topics ranging from the U.S. presidential election to immigration.

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